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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we are often asked. If you have a question we haven’t answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Your business listing states you specialize in commercial and residential. Are there large differences between the two and if so, what are some components they each require?

Jim Bandy - Dee's Furniture Repair - Homewood Illinois

Jim Bandy, Director of Operations

Some companies in this industry may have a different approach and or interpretation to this question. My methods and how I manage this question is somewhat cut and dry in that we allow different payment terms in most cases with our commercial accounts with the exception of the moving companies. Most of our commercial accounts are companies where we provide a set schedule in providing a maintance program throughout the year. Many of the individuals we deal with on these projects are building management companies and this business for us at least offers wholesome cash flow at an acceptable profit margin. We have also built healthy long term relationships more so with our commercial accounts for there is historically and by design more of a give and take relationship. Naturally, we approach our residential market with the same emphasis of providing a high level of service, but in brief, not as much give and take, let’s say somewhat more cut and dry.

Tell us about your background and how you got started in this business.

Very briefly, I got started when I was a cop in Washington, D.C., 1970. I continued to work at the craft, went to more seminars than you can imagine, lots of reading, lots of mistakes, lots of experimenting. I did this in short to make honest extra money (if you get my drift) in order to support my family and the love of being a street cop at that time of my life. I have been a U.S. Marshal, and held positions such as regional and national sales manager in the fire/safety/electrical security industry, to a union Stewart and negotiator in the trade show industry. Became an owner as a franchise owner, and then decided I was better off without a franchise.

What are your company’s major services and strength’s? Specialties?

Very simply put is providing the highest quality of service that we can muster, and being honest with our customers is foremost. There is no flex with me on that subject even if it means losing a customer and that has happen. Dee’s specialties is in other words doing the best job possible, doing it honestly, and if we can’t do a particular job for any number of reasons, take a pass and refer the party to someone I feel will do good by them. I often do find myself eventually having that same potential customer becoming a customer later.

What geographical area do you cover?

Donna Bandy - Dee's Furniture Repair - Homewood Illinois

Donna Bandy

Dee’s Furniture Repair territory for Moving Claims, and Fire/ Water Restoration Services is: The State of Illinois, Northwest, Indiana , Central-Southern, Wisconsin. Dee’s Furniture Repair is prepared to go anywhere in the USA, overseas if requested.

What aspects of work do you enjoy the most?

To the point, the people.


What do you do in your business to ensure customer satisfaction and satisfy your accounts?

Again simply put, provide an honest service, high quality, and if they are not happy and if they allow you to keep at it till you get it right do so. In this situation you eat the bill and take it as the cost of doing an honest business, and learn from it, no repeats.

Do you have any special advice or words of wisdom you would like to give to other claims people?

As far as claims people I think I have made clear at least how I run my business. (all the above) Be detailed, be investigative, be objective, say it like it is, no beating around the bush.

Do you have any interesting, humorous, or horror stories that stick out in your mind? Too many to mention but have many of each.

Give me call if you wish and I will be more than happy to share. Real busy at this time, sorry.

What types of technology are you using in your business?

Old school for the most part meaning oil based, some French polishing, some brush, mostly HVLP etc.(No water base, and don’t even want to go there) Anyone in this business for a period of more than 20 knows what I mean on all the above.

To contact Mr. Bandy or his office, please send us an email.

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